What Makes Us Different


“Every monetary transaction is accounted
accurately and completely!” 

– R. Holmes
Property Owner

PROPERTY SURVEYS – In most circumstances, once homes are leased that is the end of your knowledge regarding the condition of the property until the tenants leave the property. Our philosophy to the management of your home is radically different; too much can happen in a year if all parties are not aware of what may be occurring inside the property. Homes are photographed after owners and each tenant departs to document the condition of both the interior and exterior of the home. This is an effective tool in the prevention of disagreements as to the condition of the home when it comes time to do a disposition on the security deposit. Homes are surveyed with photographs of the home being retained at Cirimele Property Management and copies being sent to the owner of the home with their financial statements. If there is a breach in the lease we can discover the problem prior to the end of the contract and take actions necessary to cure the problem. At the same time if we notice water damage or other maintenance items we can act on the problem sooner. Long term preservation and care of your asset is our primary consideration in the survey process.

DOCUMENTS– The State of California is typically a Tenants Rights State when it comes to deciding on any gray areas in a Landlord-Tenant Agreement. We have customized our contracts over the years to protect the interests of our owners as much as possible under State and Federal laws. Years of experience have taught us the pitfalls of “Boiler Plate” lease agreements and we have modified our agreements to protect our clients and set clear and fair guidelines for tenants. All required State and Federal Disclosure requirements are met.

SYSTEMS– Cirimele Property Management has invested significant effort and time in a customized electronic property management system over the last seven years. With more than half our client base residing overseas, our systems not only improve operational efficiencies but improve communications as well. Every conversation, work order, email, fax, financial statement, charges to property, income to property and other documents and related business matters are stored, dated and documented in our system. We welcome you to visit our office and see a first hand demonstration of the systems utilized in the management of your investment.

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